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  • The straight column and the tapered column building series are two of the most popular building systems in use today.
    By using the basic building components of these two systems, you can get more useable space and design flexibility. The straight column buildings are perfect for the small to medium size buildings from a modest 20-foot width to 60-feet and even more with the addition of wing units. For larger space requirements, the tapered column building is designed for clear span widths from 40 to 260 feet, and eave heights up to 50 feet or more.
    Both buildings are attractive. A selection of earth tone colors provide natural beauty and a tough factory-baked-on color coating method used on all panels and trim will keep your building maintenance free for years to come. For commercial modular information please visit this modular buildings resource.
    Standard Accessories
    Exterior Doors & Frames 3'-0" x 7'-0";
    4'-0" x 7'-0";
    6'-0" x 7'-0" (two doors - one frame)
    Overhead Door Frames Size ________ (sizes vary from 8' to 20' wide and 8' to 22' high)
    Windows (Horizontal Slide):
    Steel 6'-0" wide x 3'-0" high;
    3'-0" wide x 3'-0" high
    Slim Line Windows
    Louvres, fixed 3'-0" x 4'-4"
    Louvres, operable 3'-0" x 3'-0"
    Skylights 3'-0" x 10'-4"
    3'-0" x 11'-0"
    Monovents Unit is 10'-0" long;
    9" thraot
    Circular Vents 20" diameter
    Gabled Clearspan
    Available widths 30' through 100', eave heights of 10' to 40' and roof slopes of 1/2:12 through 4:12.
    80' through 600' widths and proves to be the most economical square footage by utilizing interior support columns.
    Single Slope
    Most commonly used for retail (strip centers) and large office complexes. Available in 30' to 100' clear span or 80' x 120' in modular utilizing an interior support column maximizing your price per square foot.
    Straight Column
    Available in 30' to 60' and is most commonly used for offices, classrooms, and churches.

    Building Sale!

    30' x 40' x 10' $ 4,988
    50' x 100' x 12' $14,220
    70' x 100' x 16' $21,278
    100' x 100' x 14' modular $24,998
    80' x 150' x 16' $33,690

    Other sizes and special designs are available.

    Prices are F.O.B. factory and include: engineering stamped drawings, 26 ga. galvalume roof and 26 ga. color walls, trim, self-drilling fasteners, base angles, and closures. Pricing based on exposure B, seismic one, 20 LL/80 mph. Building codes may affect pricing. Pricing does not include tax.

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