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  • Gates Steel Buildings, Inc. 3100 Darby Court Gates, Ohio 43026
    Telephone: (616) 527-3838 (800) 844-2948

    IMPORTANT: Fax Number or Full Address (Including County)
    required for pricing quote.

    Contact Information
    Name: Date:
    Company: Desired Const. Start:
    Address: Purpose:
    City: Jobsite:
    *County: Telephone:
    State: Fax:
    Zip: Email:
    Country: USA    
    * It is important that we know the COUNTY where your project will be built. Please be sure to enter your COUNTY not COUNTRY in this field.

    Building Description(s)
      Building #1   Building #2
    * Frame Type:  
    Eave Height:  
    Roof Slope: /12   /12
    ** End Wall
    ** End Wall
    * Frame Type: [1] Clear span    [2] Modular    [3] Single Slope
    ** End Walls: post and beam standard

    Sketch: If applicable please fax your sketch to our fax number at: (614) 527-3868

    Roof: ga        Scr. Dn.        S. Seam        Galv.        Color
    Walls: ga        Galvalume        Color
    Building Code:        Exposure:        Seismic:
    Live Load:        Wind:        Collateral:        Gr. Snow:
    Wall Bracing: X-Brace        Portal fr.        Bent
    Diaphragm        Fxd. base        Other:
    Base Cond.: Angle       Chan.        Girt        Other:
    (S. Wall):
    Off Set        Flush
    (E. Wall):
    Off Set        Flush
    Gutters/Dns.: Y N         Columns: Straight        Tapered

    Building Accessories
    Doors: 3' x 7': Qty.         4' x 7': Qty.         6' x 7' Double (*Door Leaf Option): Qty.
    Narrow Light         Half Glass
    Fr. Openings:
    Windows: 3' x 3' Sliding Window: Qty.         6' x 3' Sliding Window: Qty.
    2' x 7' Fixed Glass: Qty.         Insul.
    Skylights: Qty. Trim Insul.
    Wall-lights: Qty. Trim
    Open Area:
    Roof Vents:
    Insulation Ceiling: 3 Inch         4 Inch         6 Inch
    Insulation Walls: 3 Inch         4 Inch         6 Inch
    Overhead Door Frames:

    Property & Usage
    Have you secured your property for this project? Y N
    How will this building be used?
    If "Other" please describe usage:


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